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Q. Who are British Pepper and Spice?
A. British Pepper and Spice is the UK's largest retailer branded herb and Spice manufacturer.

Q. Which retailers do British Pepper and Spice supply?
A. We supply to all the major retailers in the U.K.

Q. How do I order?
A. It's easy just contact the sales office on 01604 766461 or sales@britishpepper.co.uk and they will be able to help.

Q. Does British Pepper and Spice supply food manufacturers?
A. Yes, we are suppliers of bulk and unit packed products to UK food manufacturers.

Q. How long has the company been established?
A. Our contribution to UK cuisine can be traced back to times before the Great Fire of London in 1666.

Q. How many people work for British Pepper and Spice?
A. We employ around 200 people at present.

Q. What is the shelf life of most spices?
A. Whilst dry spices don't necessarily spoil, we recommend for optimum flavour that they be used within two years of packaging.

Q. What are herbs and spices?
A. Spices are the buds, bark, root, berries and aromatic seeds that are gathered for their flavour. Herbs are the leaves of plants, so when we use coriander leaf we refer to it as a herb, however when we use coriander seed we categorise it as a spice.

Q. Where do herbs and spices come from?
A. Herbs and spices come from all over the world including Northern India, Africa, South Australia and Western New South Wales. In general Herbs come from cooler climates than spices.

Q. How are herbs and spices harvested?
A. The majority of herb and spices are still harvested by hand. Developments in the spice industry now have post-harvest treatment such as grading and cleaning.

Q. What gives spices their flavour?
A. The flavour's in spices are found in their oils. Some of these flavours can be detected in the fresh spice, for example ginger. Other spices develop their flavour on drying. For instance, vanilla is a green tasteless bean from a tropical-climbing orchid. When vanilla is dried and cured a reaction takes place that releases the flavour.

Q. What is the best way to store herbs and spices?
A. Proper storage of spices ensures maximum flavour and colour retention. Heat, light, and moisture are all enemies of dried spices. Heat causes flavour loss, light will fade the naturally bright colours and moisture can cake ground and powdered spices. Keep spices in a cool, dry, and dark cupboard.

Q. How can I determine the freshness of herbs and spices?
A. You can tell the freshness of spices by their look, smell and taste. If the colour, aroma or flavour have faded, the spice may not be fresh.

Q. Are your products G.M free?
A. British Pepper and Spice are not aware of any of their products containing genetically modified produce.

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About us

With a trading history dating back more than 300 years to the great fire of London in 1666, British Pepper and Spice is the leading manufacturer of herbs and spices in the UK.

We take a real pride in our heritage and look to combine this with the best of present day technologies to provide a unique vision of our markets - a vision which involves the sharing of knowledge, experience, and expertise.


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